Local Walks round Port Erin & PSM – 8/10th August 2018

Over the last few days, despite best intentions I have only managed local short walks – 2 x 3+ mile walks, and today a 4 mile walk. My aim on short walks is to achieve my 10,000 steps in the nicest possible way – not too difficult when I am surrounded by beautiful countryside. Incidentally 3-4 miles will be between 6,500 and 8,500 steps so not enough on their own  to complete the daily target but well on the way. I won’t bother you with the actual routes for these, but if you want details just contact me.

Wednesday evening I walked with a friend from Port Erin along the main road to Carrikey Bay, round the coast to Chapel Bay in Port St Mary, then back to PSM along roads. A nice way to catch up with friends.


Thursday, I walked down to Port Erin beach, a round trip of just over 3 miles. We have had few interesting shells lately, but many many jellyfish including moon jellyfish and some spectacular lion’s mane jellyfish. These were a good size whereas the moon jellyfish were mainly just babies washed up on the beach.

Today, I have walked to Port St Mary, along the top edge of the golf course to Perwick Bay. The tide was really far out. I don’t think I have seen so much rock exposed in that region before. I followed the coastline back into PSM on the underway, carried on towards Four Roads and then took the footpath across the fields back to Port Erin. It was a lovely afternoon and this took about 90 mins, so not a great deal of time. I would be quicker if I didn’t call in at the Coop and load myself up with potatoes, meats and veg!!

I doubt if I shall be doing a long walk this weekend and I am on duty at one of the Wildlife Reserves on Sunday, so instead of describing walks, my next blog will consider the costs and benefits of using fitness monitors.

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