And breathe…

Sunday 16th September: I knew it the moment I set foot on terra firma. I could feel the sea breeze brushing over the tarmac and I could sense the salt in the air. I looked around from the steps of the plane and wondered at the mass expanse of sky and wide vistas. I was home.

I was right in my perception of feeling hemmed in by the Mallorcan mountains. The Isle of Man may not have the biggest mountains or the most rugged scenery, or many trees, but it has one great asset – it allows you to breathe and be refreshed on a daily basis. Its seas and cliffs, hills and valleys tease you into venturing out and exploring and although you may be alone you will never feel alone in this countryside. It is warm and welcoming and once you get to know it, it becomes an indispensable friend and one you long for when parted. One whose changes you notice when others don’t.

So, having lugged my suitcase up the hill to my house, I hurried back to enjoy the last moments of the day while the sun still shone. I went to my favourite spot on the beach which a couple kindly vacated for me without my asking and I listened to the tide rushing in and out and banging against the rocks.

The photo above shows the white house on the cliff which is now the set of apartments I lived in when I first moved over here in December 2013. You can imagine its sea views and the sunsets I witnessed. I had planned to have a cup of tea at the Cosy Nook at the foot of the bay but this had already closed its shutters for the day, so instead I walked around the bay and watched the changing weather approaching from the west.

My holiday in Mallorca was wonderful, spent with engaging and interesting people, taking me to heights I would never reach on my own. It was a thoroughly enjoyable week.

My life on the Isle of Man is even better!

This was a short circular walk from home, just over 2.5 miles. What more can I ask for?

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