A spring in my step – 9th April 2019

It started out wet and miserable, so I resigned myself to working and tutoring students all day. Then in the afternoon the sun came out, and at 4pm I decided it was time for a breath of air. Walking from home I made my way along the back road to the edge of Port St Mary, then up towards the Howe and down to Glen Chass.

Needless to say, this hadn’t been my original plan, which was simply to walk up to Cregneash via the eastern route and return via the western route. But when do I stick to my plans? It is much more interesting making it up as I go along.

It was a bit cooler today with a freshening wind. The views across to Langness were beautiful. The light turned everything slightly blue and gave the appearance of a work of art rather than a landscape. I followed the coast path up to the Chasms.




From here I walked along the edge of the cliff rather than along the standard footpath up to the corner where the footpath at Spanish Head leads up through the meadows to Cregneash. Here, I caught a glimpse of the Calf of Man, lit from behind by a cool sun.


From Cregneash it was a simple walk down the road to Port Erin; its one of those walks where us locals take the views for granted but what views to have half a mile from my own doorstep.




This total route was about 4.5 miles with a total ascent of 500ft, followed by the same amount of descent over time.

Tomorrow I have a full day off, and my plan is to walk across those hills you can see here in the background behind Port Erin. Pray for fine weather, otherwise I may have to wait until the weekend.

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