The many faces of Port Erin bay – TT fortnight 2019

Over the last week or so, I have paid many visits to our glorious shoreline, some days when the tide is way way out and other days when the water laps against my toes on the edge of the beach.

I have visited places I have never been; little paths that go nowhere, or because the tide is so low right now, I have entered caves I have never entered and encountered strange natural sea creatures and vegetation I have never seen before, and wondered at the folding of the rock strata, noticing intrusions that I have never noticed before. I even trespassed into the old swimming pool to get a glance at what looked like a cave from a distance.

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And here are some strange things on the beach either side of the ordinary shags:

These are short walks, of no more than 3 miles from my doorstep, and anyone who lives in Port Erin or Port St Mary can have the same experiences every day. Here are a few more ‘hidden’ views around the bay, places I hadn’t visited before but have passed by on many an occasion:

And I just like the moody photos below, and the view of Bradda Head at high tide with the few remaining steps for the fishermen to fish from.

I have compiled a video showing the changing faces of Port Erin over this week. The sands have been just beautiful, even more so now that they are empty of visitors. The rocks at the furthest breakwater seem to have broken down more as the photo showing them was at very low tide. At the other end close to the now weary Cosy Nook, either the sand has swallowed up a lot of rocks that used to lie at this end of this end of the beach or they have been washed away by some dramatic wave. I was particularly drawn to the take the photo of the pink boat on the beach belonging to 7th wave.

There will be no blogs for a while now as I go on holiday shortly…

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One thought on “The many faces of Port Erin bay – TT fortnight 2019

  1. Have a great vacation; these photos are ace and give an idea of some secret views of the coast in this part of the island A


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