Glen Maye Waterfall in full spate – July 28th 2019

The weather was absolutely vile. I had travelled through fog, lashings of rain and huge puddles on the road to honour my rendezvous with Wildflowers of the Isle of Man, against my better judgment it has to be said. I did wonder if anyone would turn up at Glen Maye, but in fact there were about half a dozen of us mad folks, some in shorts, some with umbrellas, but all just plain mad.

I hadn’t intended to write this walk up as it was simply a potter around the glen looking at the wild flowers, but the waterfall was majestic. The rain had done, was doing it proud, so I took some photos to show how splendid it can be in the pouring rain šŸ™‚

Enjoy from the warmth and cosiness of your living room:



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